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Adding alternative payment capabilities to your website is the fastest and easiest way to increase your online sales revenue. For the last 9 years, GXBill has been a leading processor of online alternative payments and offers a wide variety of payment options for over 200 countries worldwide.
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Online merchants know that excessive chargebacks and fraud pose the biggest risk to their business. As a result, all third party processors and credit card gateways put systems in place to minimize fraudulent charges. Oftentimes, users from 2nd and 3rd world countries have a much more difficult time getting approved with credit card billing because they pose a higher propensity for fraud. While these solutions reduce chargebacks for the merchants, they come with a price blocking good customers from joining your sites.

GXBill's payment solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Instantly adds several international, localized billing options for your customers
  • Opens up markets that are closed to traditional payment systems such as credit cards
  • Provides quick, easy and free setup -- one link code enables dozens of billing solutions in over 200 countries
  • Increases your earnings in specific markets -- for example, make 5x more money over credit cards in the Netherlands using our system
  • Optimizes the billing of your mobile content with SMS & WAP billing
  • Allows instant entry into "hard to bill" markets like Russia, South Africa, Eastern Europe and India

Over 50% of online consumers are using alternative payment options*


Less than 30% of online merchants offer alternative payment options*


Since 2002, GXBill has provided international alternative payment solutions in 35+ languages for customers in more than 200 countries worldwide.

* source: Online Alternative Payments: A Merchant vs. Consumer Divide by Javelin Strategy & Research, October 2010

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GXBill is the partner you need to unite the segmented world of online payment processing. GXBill is reliable, global, proven and easy to set up.


One link code that enables mulitiple payment options -- Phone Billing (landline, mobile phone, text message, WAP), European Direct Debit, Bankpay, and localized bank backed billing systems. We have already implemented, tested and approved the solutions you need to increase your online business.

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Are you thinking about your mobile strategy? Rest assured your competitors are. GXBill has proved its superiority as an international mobile-based payment provider. Clients using GXBill in addition to credit cards for billing mobile content convert international surfers into signups 2x better.

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