About Us

Based in Timonium Maryland, USA, GXBill provides service to some of the largest web content providers in the world. We attribute the success of our technology to its ability to broaden our clients' billing throughput. Our founders created the company trying to solve a problem, "how to monitize traffic from customers who can't or won't pay with credit card." Since 2002 GXBill's systems have grown more sophisticated and evolved but the core philosophy remains unchanged -- create something from nothing, bill the unbillable.

GXBill maintains established business relationships with Telecommunications companies, banks, and foreign service providers throughout the globe and manages its operations with its highly trained, friendly, and professional support staff.

GXBill's long term vision, technical expertise and financial assets make GXBill the best choice for webmasters, and electronic content providers or anyone else striving to maximize revenue with an Internet based business.