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In many countries, particularly large industrialized European nations, paying with your bank account rather than your credit card is the norm. Our banking methods give you access to several hundred million users, in some of the most wired and wealthiest countries in the world. Unlike other processors in this space, we hold no reserve on all of our bank based payment systems. With throughput throughout the EU, our systems help open the door for you in these key markets where credit card billing under performs.

Bank Based Billing

European Direct Debit

Our robust direct bank debit platform provides our Merchants with a powerful recurring billing mechanism, which is totally separate from Visa and MasterCard. This option provides your European surfer with an instantaneous form of payment, along with the convenience of having the transaction debited directly from their bank account. Billed and paid out in Euros or pounds sterling, adding direct debit allows Merchants to use the most widely-used form of recurring payment in many of Europe's largest markets. No new technical integration is necessary for existing clients from GXBill to start marketing, and no reserves are held back from the Merchant.


BankPay allows customers in over 35 countries to pay for services on your website with their bank's web site directly from their checking or savings accounts. Once the payment has been confirmed the customer is emailed a username and password to access your site. After the membership period is over the account is disabled and the customer can rejoin.


iDeal is a Dutch bank-backed payment method that almost all people in the Netherlands have access to and prefer for making purchases. iDeal is instant, safe, trusted and truly effective and can outperform credit card sales in the Netherlands by 300%. Used in conjunction with direct debit, bankpay, SMS & phone billing methods, a typical Merchant can expect to increase their revenues by 500% in the Netherlands with our payment processing system.


Giropay is a popular German based, bank backed payment method. This payment option allows German users to conduct online transactions quickly while ensuring confidence with the Giropay brand. Used in conjunction with direct debit, bankpay SMS & phone billing methods, a typical Merchant can expect to increase their revenues by 300% in Germany with our payment processing system.