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As mobile text messaging has become a routine part of the lives of consumers in many countries, utilizing the mobile phone as a method of payment is also gaining in popularity. Our SMS product enables you to embrace the world of mobile commerce by charging mobile users small amounts for short term access to your site. With mobile payment systems available in over 2 dozen countries, GXBill is your one stop shop for all things mobile billing.

Premium Rate SMS

SMS is a fantastic method of payment for countries with high mobile phone penetration levels and where this method of payment is supported. It allows for yet another handy tool for the impulse buyer who wishes to gain immediate access to your content area. Users in select countries can pay to access your site, simply by sending a text message to a specific short code. Its fast, easy, and instant for users. Additional countries are continually being added as they become available.


WAP Billing is the latest form of mobile based billing. This is a system which is created and managed by the local operators in markets where it is available. This allows mobile phone users to simply click a link in their mobile browser and instantly pay for access. The charge is automatically added to the users phone bill with no forms, credit cards or text messages required.