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All of GXBill's telephone based products cater more productively to the impulse buyer than traditional billing methods, as the consumer can gain access to your content in a matter of seconds. Our largely anonymous array of global telephone based payment methods do not require complicated / lengthy forms or any type of pre-registration by the user. In addition, these processing methods accommodate those potential buyers whom are reluctant to submit credit card details on line for fear of fraud to purchase a paid membership to your website.

GX9i - World Wide Package Based Phone Billing

Our premier web2.0 phone billing solution allows international consumers to pay for premium online content using a landline or mobile phone. Totally flexible and customizable by the merchant, GX9i allows the user to "buy now, consume later". The merchant is credited for each and every minute the user calls for, and our state of the art AJAX-based functionality provides call progress and links together any "early hangups", allowing a user to continue a call where he left off. This is a perfect tool for adding additional revenue into sites where users demand a better value than "buy now, consume now" model, such as dating, gaming and social networking sites.

Voice Access - World Wide Per Minute Phone Billing

Simply, instant and anonymous, voice access is our classic "buy now, consume now" payment system. Voice access billing charges the user for each minute he accesses content on your website. After the customer calls the premium rate phone number, he can access the restricted part of your website so long as he remains connected to the premium rate call. When he terminates his premium rate call session, his username and password are disabled and he is removed from your site. You collect a set rate for every minute that the user holds the line while surfing your protected premium content area.

GX900 - Per Call One Time Phone Billing

GXBill's per call system instantly charges the customer a large lump sum in just a few seconds time. This online subscription option, which is free from the constraints associated with your traditional payment options, allows you to extend your subscription sales reach without cannibalizing existing credit card and electronic check sales from some major markets. Typically, the user calls one of our flat rate premium rate numbers, agrees to an audio disclaimer, and is given a unique PIN code. The user then redeems the PIN code for a username and password to the restricted area of your website. Currently, our per call system works in the following countries: United States, Canada, Australia and Italy. This solution is also highly effective when used as a secondary billing option when your primary processor rejects the transaction, capturing those who can't use a credit card or online check on your site.