While fraud prevention software has put the squeeze on credit card usage, a small but steady demographic of shoppers have also grown more apprehensive with using their credit card. Of course, there is also a very large group of people worldwide who simply do not have credit cards at all, and are therefore unable to purchase your content through traditional billing systems. For all of these reasons more and more customers are opting for alternative payment methods. If your site is not setup to accept alternative payments, you are losing customers to your competitors and leaving money on the table.

Phone Billing

All of GXBill's telephone based products cater more productively to the impulse buyer than traditional billing methods, as the consumer can gain access to your content in a matter of seconds. These methods accommodate the potential buyers who are reluctant to submit credit card details on line.

Bank Based Billing

In many countries, particularly large industrialized European nations, paying with your bank account rather than your credit card is the norm. Our banking methods give you access to several hundred million users, in some of the most wired and wealthiest countries in the world.

Mobile Billing

As mobile text messaging has become a routine part of the lives of consumers in many countries, utilizing the mobile phone as a method of payment is also gaining in popularity. Our SMS product enables you to embrace the world of mobile commerce.