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Phone FAQ


  • I have sent a text message but I have not received a text message back with my account information.
    There are a number of reasons why you may not have not received a confirmation text. Please first make sure that you have texted the correct keyword & shortcode exactly as instructed on our billing pages. Extra spaces, characters or incorrect capitalization may cause you to not receive a text back from us properly. Some other reasons why this may occur can are when there are insufficient funds available on your mobile phone, your mobile telephone provider may be having data connection problems, or your mobile phone may have blocked Premium SMS services. Please check with your mobile telephone provider for available services if you suspect you may be blocked from using premium services. If you are receiving other Premium SMS messages and you have not received a text back from us after an hour please use our automated form for assistance.
  • I entered my PIN number but it responds with a message "PIN is already in use"
    If you received an error message stating that your PIN code is already in use DO NOT send another text message for a new code as you will be charged again. In this case even though your PIN code is already in use it has created a username and password for your account. Please use our automated form to find your log in details.
  • My PIN code did not work.
    If you received a PIN code that does not work please check to see that you have entered the code correctly as in most cases a simple typo is all that stands between you and your membership. If this is not the case and your PIN code will not work please use our automated form for assistance.
  • I have lost my user name and password, how can I find it?
    If you redeemed your PIN code and were issued a username and password you can find all of your account information in our automated form.
  • How do I cancel my SMS transaction.
    In most cases there is no cancellation necessary for our text messaging services. The service provided is a one time charge providing access to a premium membership service for a specific period of time. In this case when your membership expires you will have to complete the payment process again to receive a new PIN code which you redeem for a new user name and password.
  • I entered my username and password but it doesn't work.
    If you have successfully redeemed your PIN code and the assigned user name and password does not work please try the following steps. In most cases a simple typo is all that stands between you and your membership. Please double check to make sure you have entered your user name and password exactly as it appears. If you are still experiencing problems logging into your account try our automated account lookup tool.
  • I have a different question, how can I get help.
    Use our automated form to report the issue you encountered to our support team. Please be as detailed as possible with the exact issue that you encountered.

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